(473) 403-3215

(473) 403-3215

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About ANIC

Kathleen began her career 15 years ago working in the janitorial and cleaning and was quickly promoted to managing a full cleaning team.

In 2023 she opened her own cleaning company and now has added landscaping maintenance.

Arrived in 20 minutes and had my leak fixed in another 15!

"I don't know what I would have done without ANIC! Not only did they do a great job keeping my apartment clean but when I had a pipe leak and my bathroom began to flood, one call to Kathleen and she quickly arranged a plumber that showed up so fast and knew exactly what to do. Highly recommended ANIC Services!"

Tracy Cook | St. George

Conveniently Servicing All St. George

(473) 403-3215

(473) 403-3215